First time traveling and don’t know what to pack? Want to know the best travel sites for the lowest prices on flights and accommodation?  I’ve compiled a list of my must-takes travel resources that get first priority in my bag and a list of all the booking sites I use to get the best deals on everything travel! Check them out below….


My Must Have Travel Gear


This will always be at the top of my list. I’ve had my Kindle Paperwhite for a few years now and absolutely love it. For the keen reader, you can pack as many books as you like with this bad boy!
You’ll then want a good case for it- I use this one.


Nate and I use a Canon Rebel EOS T5i for our videos and photos. It’s pretty easy to use for beginners as well as having all the functions for pros.
If you’re like me and not sure what extras are needed, this can be a good choice!

Portable Charger:

Sometimes there’s nothing worse than your phone running out of battery when you’re lost in the middle of a foreign city… Though it does make a good adventure, a Mophie battery bank can be what you need.


Noise cancelling headphones are essential if you don’t like the loud airplane noises when trying to watch your damn movie! A portable speaker is also handy when you just wanna jam out or having a bit of a shindig.

Travel Insurance


This is personally the one I go with every time. They have great policies and customer service with a range of plans that best suit your needs!

World Nomads:

This a highly rated one and covers travelers from over 150 different countries. Definitely worth a look when doing your travel insurance research and quotes.



This is one of the first sites I personally look to for accommodation and flights.


An awesome site to majorly save on acccommodation. Read my post on it here!







2 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Kaela

    It’d be great if you listed which backpack(s) you use! It’d probably be a great affiliate link, too 😉

    • Hey! Yes Ive been meaning to do a post on that haha. I use a backpack and day bag combo from Kathmandu 🙂

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