How to become a Digital Nomad…


This is a question I get asked all the time. So to make it easier on myself I compiled a huge list of different ways you can become a digital nomad. Take these ideas and see what you can come up with!


23 Ways to Become a Digital Nomad:


Design and sell clothing with tee spring

1: Design & Sell Clothing with Tee Spring

Design and create your own tees, hoodies, mugs, & more with $0 investment!

All you need to do is design your logo or upload an existing logo you have already created. Place it on a product of your choice (such as a long sleeve shirt). Choose the type of material you wish to use. Then name the price you wish to sell it for.

TeeSpring will tell you the cost of each item made. You will reap the profit from each item you sell.

Here’s the cool thing: It doesn’t cost you anything. TeeSpring won’t make your shirt until AFTER someone has purchased; therefore no risk of investment is made.

The company will then make and ship each order out for you. You do nothing but advertise your products and reap the rewards of your sales.

Income Potential: Scalable with marketing. You can run Facebook campaigns from within TeeSpring.

Website: https://teespring.com


drop shipping sell on ebay buy on amazon

2: Sell on E-Bay & Buy on Amazon

Source a product on Amazon and list the same item on E-bay with a markup. Then once it’s sold on E-Bay, buy that same product on Amazon and send it directly to your customer.

*Just make sure there is a decent amount of stock and not just one or two left.

Begin by researching which products are trending and how much competition you have with selling it on E-bay. Once you have sourced the product, take note of all the details and list it on e-bay for a markup. Your listed price should be similar prices to the other e-bay listings.

Once your product on e-bay sells, go on to Amazon and buy the product and have it
get sent direct to your buyer. You can choose to send it as a gift in the check out process. That way the buyer doesn’t know what price Amazon has it listed as.

Income Potential: Profit margin is relatively low (the higher priced products you list, the higher markup you can do). So your income potential will usually depend on the amount of products you have listed.


Become an online life coach

3: Life Coaching

Life coaching is grossly underestimated. Though certification can cost a few thousand dollars, your investment could be well worth it.

As a life coach, you can run your business using Skype alone. Offer hourly, weekly, or monthly coaching programmes (or whenever suits you) for a fixed price. Have clients book themselves into a schedule that works for you, then make all of your coaching calls through Skype.

To set this up, you will need a website to offer your services. Then place PPC ads on google to people who are searching for life coaches. Target the countries you would like to work with and have them fill out a survey to apply for your coaching. You don’t need to pay anyone to set this up.

This is an awesome way to become a digital nomad, while helping people at the same time!


Become a consultant

4: Consulting

Much like coaching, consultants bring a fresh pair of eyes onto a business or area someone needs help with. Depending on your skill set, consultants can earn a lot of money.

You can offer your services either hourly, through a set programme, or based on the increased results you generate for your clients’ business.

If you are interested in consulting, make some time to watch this free webinar/training  by a guy named Sam Ovens who is doing very well as a consultant. I’m sure you will learn a lot!


Create an etsy store

5: Create an Etsy Store

List a digital product on Etsy that does not expire or require shipping/ handling etc.

If you create a digital product on Etsy, one that doesn’t need to be updated regularly, but can bring in a passive income for you, this is an awesome idea.

Etsy is similar to E-bay in the fact that there are sellers all grouped into different categories. But it is a little more boutique and smaller than e-bay, giving the small guys a better chance.


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23 ways to become a digital nomad

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