Underground River, Palawan Philippines

We spent the day (more like 30 minutes) exploring the famous underground river of Palawan. I didn't even know such things existed! Crazy to think we only went in 2kms deep out of about 24kms…But on a more serious note- was that a komodo dragon or was that just a huge ass lizard??

Posted by Intrepid Introvert on Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Intrepid Introvert

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Hannah is a self proclaimed introvert and Accounting Graduate who fresh out of University realised the office life just wasn't for her. Packing her bags and jumping on a plane, she has now been traveling the world full-time for 2+ years. She created Intrepid Introvert as a way to document her travels as well as life on the road as an introvert. She is now a travel blogger, freelancer, minimalist, digital nomad, and has been helping many others achieve a similar lifestyle to her own.

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