It turns out fairytales don’t just exist in books. They also exist in Austria too! Hallstatt is Austria’s quintessential fairytale town and it absolutely cannot be left off an Austrian travel itinerary.


What to do in Hallstatt


Hallstatt is located just below Salzburg. In fact it’s only an hour and 20 minute drive by car. Meaning you can just take an easy half day trip here if you don’t have the time to spend the night.


How to get to hallstatt

It’s best to have your own car to get here, as you can drive around the lake and use the tourist parking lots to leave your car. You’re not actually allowed to drive your car into the old town because the streets are so narrow. And because this little town is popular with tourism, it would be complete mayhem with all the cars and pedestrians!


should I visit hallstatt?


Taking a train here can be tricky, but it can be done if you don’t have your own car. You’ll take a train to the Hallstatt station, then ferry across the lake to the town. Taking a bus is another option for you too. Here’s the official site for some more information on how to get to Hallstatt.


Hallstatt, Austria Salzburg


This town, though small, is actually very lively, especially in the summer days. It’s super popular with tourism due it’s beautiful lake and surrounding mountains. Not to mention the colourful buildings and flowers everywhere you look!


hallstatt in summer


Several stunning churches add to the charm of this quaint town, as well as many romantic restaurants overlooking the lake. Boutique hotels line the water front where you can watch the beautiful swans swim by.


how to get to hallstatt from salzburg


Because this place can get quite busy by day; it’s always worth waking early to have the street’s all to yourself. There’s something about silence and scenery coming together which makes a place even more magical.


Hallstatt Austria


The best thing about this town is that there really isn’t much to do here! The picturesque town, is it’s own attraction. It’s good because it forces you to slow down and take in the surrounding beauty. Enjoy a glass of wine on the waterfront. Follow the flowers and get lost down beautiful alleyways. Take your camera and try and capture the moments here.


Hallstatt day trip


It’s warming coming here and seeing that places like this exist in our busy world. A slice of paradise  nestled away in the heart of Europe. Hallstatt, you are unforgettable.

Watch the full vlog of our stay in Hallstatt, here!


Europe's cutest towns: Hallstatt Austria



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  1. Oh, my God! I envy you so much! It knew it was beautiful and charming place, but it’s great to get some tips about the place too! Thank you 😍

  2. Tracey Best

    Wow, this town is so beautiful! I think I only went to Vienna and really wish I went here! I love colour, I’m a total hippie like that before needing to put a corporate suit on haha. I want to go to this town!

    • Vienna is still a beautiful city to go to though! I loved it there 😀

  3. Susan R

    I’m going to Austria in a few weeks and I’m gutted now that I don’t have time to visit this magical place! I love all the colorful buildings

  4. Any

    Hannah i love these photos so much!!! Can’t believe I was in Salzburg and did not visit this fairytale town!

    • Ohh you were so close! I hear Salzburg is stunning too though (I didn’t make it there lol) 😀

  5. Monica Houghton

    I feel like I wouldn’t want to just take a day trip there, I’d spend the night! Looks lovely!

    • Yeah worth spending the night if ya have the time!

  6. Omg this town looks like it’s literally from a fairytale! So SO beautiful!

  7. I went to Austria last summer and loved it! Parts of the country truly do look like they are from a fairy tale…

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