There’s a few essential things I count on when I’m on a long haul flight. These things have helped me survive being in such a small space for a lengthy period without going too stir-crazy.

Here’s the low down on a few key things to remember if you have a long haul coming up in your itinerary:

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9 Essentials To Surviving A Long Haul Flight:


When up in the air, it’s very easy to quickly become dehydrated… Especially if you’re like me and like to have a few red wines on the journey. But if you’re constantly chugging back water for the duration of the flight, it can turn into a hassle having to use the bathroom all the time. Particularly if that involves awkwardly having to wake up the passenger beside you to let you out to the isle. So a trick to use is to drink a lot of water the day/night before your flight. It will help you with your hydration for the flight and you won’t need to use the bathroom as often if you only need to consume a smaller amount of water on the flight.


This could be the make or break to a comfortable flight. Track pants or exercise pants are my go-to for every flight, no matter the duration. It’s good to note how cold it can get on the plane with the constant air conditioning. Be sure to take on something warm otherwise it will be a long ride!



Books, puzzles, work. Whatever floats your boat. I always have my Kindle in my carry on bag and I went through a sudoku phase which turned out great for killing time!


The easiest way to pass time on a flight, in my opinion. As soon as I get comfortable in my seat, I get a movie going and zone out before the plane even takes off. If your flight doesn’t have onboard entertainment, watch some movies on your laptop if you have that with you.


I always put on a pair of socks at the start of a flight; it keeps from getting my feet numb from the cold air conditioning. If you have compression socks, even better. Your feet and ankles won’t be so puffy by the end of the flight.


Travel pillows are handy to have. Even though I find it extremely uncomfortable wearing them the traditional way around my neck, I always prop it up against the window or on my partners shoulder so I can comfortably rest my head. This could be the difference between being able to sleep on the flight or not. It’s personal preference though!

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7. SEAT:

A huge factor of a comfortable flight is the seat you’re in. You’re going to be sitting in this one small space for hours on end, so let’s make sure you choose your seat wisely. Do you prefer an isle seat so you can have easy access to the isle and can even stick your legs out for more legroom? Or, do you prefer a window seat so you can lean against the wall and also enjoy the views? The seats on the exits offer extra legroom and some seats in front of an exit door don’t allow the seat to recline as it blocks the exit in an emergency. It’s good to know this when booking your flight so you can choose the best seat for you.


Podcasts have saved me from boredom on several flights that had no onboard entertainment. Just be sure to download your podcast episodes before the flight so you can listen without needing an internet connection. If you’re looking for an addicting podcast, I recommend Serial. This podcast held my attention for most of a long haul flight.



Are you one of those people that can sleep wherever and whenever? Or are you the other half who finds it extremely hard to sleep mid transport? From my experience, if you’re the latter option it might be best for you to be well rested before the flight so you’re not a total zombie by the end of it. I’ve made the mistake several times thinking if I just make myself really tired before a red eye flight, then I’ll zonk out and sleep the majority of the way… Boy was I wrong! By the end of a 14 hour flight I had probably slept one hour and was left feeling half dead. Don’t always bank on the fact that you’ll sleep most of the way!

And those are my 9 essentials for surviving a long-haul flight. If you have any tricks of your own, feel free to share them in the comments below!



Fly through your long haul flight with these 9 essential things! Trust me, some of these are a life saver!



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  1. Mike

    Now that I’m in my 30’s, there really is only one essential:

    Business Class.

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