That’s right guys… Cruising around on a yacht in Croatia’s beautiful Adriatic Sea can be so hard that it requires it’s own survival guide. Gosh what a tough life we lead!

No but in all seriousness, if you’re like me and struggle to drink multiple days in a row, or struggle being around people for, well, multiple days in a row, then here’s a few tips for surviving Yachtlife Croatia.

7 Tips For Surviving YachtLife Croatia


Intrepid Introvert yachtlife croatia

1. Start Fresh

Don’t start on the back foot by going out the night before. Remember you have a whole week ahead of partying and exploring. If you struggle with partying for multiple days in a row, it’s best to cool your jets for the few days leading up to the tour. Then go crazy from day one.


tips for surviving yachtlife croatia

2. Take Strategic Nights Off

Don’t feel bad if you feel like you need to take a night or two off. Do what you need to do! I took 2 nights off (and one of those was because we partied all day so I didn’t feel I needed to go out). The mornings after those nights off, I woke up early, feeling great and did some sunbathing; making the most of the day and the activities planned.


tips for surviving yachtweek croatia

Photo by @karenlamba

3. Sleep In

Your body clock really gets messed up during the tour. We were going to bed at about 4am each morning and waking up at about 10:30-11am each day. And that’s okay! Lunch doesn’t get served till 12-1pm and on shore activities always start after lunch. If you need the sleep in, definitely take it. Let your body embrace the new schedule for the week.


Yachtlife croatia lbw

4. Pack Floaties

Swimming in Croatia’s beautiful waters is absolutely refreshing. It’s a great way to wake your body up if you’re feeling a little slow. If you pack a floaty you can just chill in the water for a while without having to worry about keeping yourself afloat. Hangovers can be hard; let the floaties help you with swimming.


yacht week life before work

Photo by @karenlamba

5. Take Berocca

Oh my gosh this was a saving grace for me. Maybe you don’t call it Berocca… What I’m talking about are those dissolvable fizzy tablets of vitamins that you mix with water. They give you energy and really help with the hangovers and tiredness. I would have one everyday with lunch…. Or breakfast for those rare few times I was up early enough for it.


Stiniva Cove beach croatia yacht life life before work

Photo by @karenlamba

6. Pack Painkillers & Cold Medicine

This is essential! Painkillers are needed for the hangovers or if you get aches from long days. The cold medicine will come in handy if you happen to get sick. Remember you are all in close proximity for a week. So if one person gets sick, it can get passed around quickly. Most of our tour had a head cold by the end of the week. All good though- It’s worth it!


yacht life LBW tour croatia

Photo by @karenlamba

7. Have Time To Reset Afterwards

I don’t know how people can fly straight out from YachtLife back to their homes and have work the next day. That shit’s hard. I slept for 3 days afterwards. If you can manage to give yourself a few days to rest and recoup afterwards, your body will surely thank you for it.


I did this tour with Life Before Work (LBW) and I highly recommend them! You can read my full post of my time on the tour here. Or check out one of the videos here!


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  1. Mao

    Haha tough life! One of my biggest regrets about Croatia is not being able to enjoy the water/yacht as I went there in May so it wasn’t that warm yet.

    Gorgeous pictures and I will keep in mind of the survival guide!

    • Oh no! Weather does bring about an entirely different experience. At least now you have an excuse to go back 😉

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