You only live once… But if you do it right, once is enough”

60 seconds in a minute…
60 minutes in an hour…
24 hours in a day…
7 days in a week…
52 weeks in a year…
70+ years in a lifetime…

Some say life is short…

But when you think about it, it’s not really.

If we’re basing a life on 70 years…

That’s 2,207,520,000 seconds
36,792,000 minutes
613,200 hours
25,550 days…
That’s a lot of time on our hands.

How many seconds have you spent killing time opposed to truly ‘living’?

How many hours have you spent wishing you could do more of something you enjoy?

We have an abundance of time on our hands, perhaps it just needs to be spent more wisely.


 When I’m on my death bed I want to be able to look back and say “Yeah, I’ve lived a good life!” Not, “I wish I did this” or, “I wish I did that”….

And whether or not I can say those words when the time comes is entirely in my own hands….

Just like it is yours.

As 2016 begins and at only 24 years old, I already feel like I have achieved a lot… In the last 5 years alone I  got a Business Management degree, a year of travel, amazing dance opportunities, I read copious amounts of books, kind of taught myself the guitar, ticked dreams off my bucket list… The list goes on.

That’s all in a measly 5 year period!

A lot can happen in 1 year… Or even 90 days if you just make it happen.


Death is inevitable, but our life before that is controllable.

Here’s 3 questions I ask myself to keep me on track with a fulfilled life:

How do I want to be remembered when I’m gone?

What’s going to be my legacy? How have I left my mark upon people and the world? Was I kind and helpful? Am I the kind of person I would be proud of?

What’s on my bucket list?

A bucket list is the best way to write down the things you’ve always wanted to do. I’m always thinking about what’s on my list and how I can go out and achieve it or make it happen. There’s many things on there that aren’t easy to do, but I’m the only one who can make it happen. A book won’t magically write itself, a trip to the ends of the earth won’t happen until you get on that plane.

*Once you’ve written them down, you need to take the steps to make it come to fruition. There really is something satisfying about crossing off a goal on your bucket list.

If I was to die tomorrow, what would I regret?

Yeah, this seems a little heavy but it’s so straight forward. If there’s something you think you would regret when on your death bed, then simply go out and make a point of doing the opposite.

Will you regret not spending enough time with loved ones? Simple fix… Go and spend time with them now. Regret not traveling enough? Book a ticket. Regret not trying new things? Try something new every day.

Life doesn’t have to be hard. Nor does it need to be filled with regrets and unfulfilled wishes.

So why not take control of the time you have now?

Intrepid Introvert

About Hannah Martin

Hannah is a self proclaimed introvert and Accounting Graduate who fresh out of University realised the office life just wasn't for her. Packing her bags and jumping on a plane, she has now been traveling the world full-time for 2+ years. She created Intrepid Introvert as a way to document her travels as well as life on the road as an introvert. She is now a travel blogger, freelancer, minimalist, digital nomad, and has been helping many others achieve a similar lifestyle to her own.

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