Your future self is important. Here are 15 things to do today that your future self will thank you for…

Spend time doing something that makes you happy. Is it reading? Dancing? Surfing? Meditating? Whatever it is, do it.


Let go of the people/things that make you sad. If something or someone is holding you back and bringing negativity to your life, maybe it’s time to let go…


Declutter your life. Time for a spring clean perhaps! Less stuff = less stress!


Workout! Good for the body and good for the mind!


Tell those closest to you that you love and appreciate them.

Do something you love

Start on that project you’ve been putting off. No one will do it for you!


Say ‘yes’ to something new!



Spend time with the people that make you happy.



See new places and gain new experiences.



Know that you deserve good things and never feel guilty when they come to you.

 spend time with loved ones


Realise your excuse making and find a way to overcome your problems.



Laugh and then laugh some more.



Write a list of all the things you are grateful for.



Learn something new.



Think positive, smile, and share good energy.


Intrepid Introvert

About Hannah Martin

Hannah is a self proclaimed introvert and Accounting Graduate who fresh out of University realised the office life just wasn't for her. Packing her bags and jumping on a plane, she has now been traveling the world full-time for 2+ years. She created Intrepid Introvert as a way to document her travels as well as life on the road as an introvert. She is now a travel blogger, freelancer, minimalist, digital nomad, and has been helping many others achieve a similar lifestyle to her own.

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