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The numbers don’t lie…

Gone are the days where you go to university, get a degree, work for a company or 3, then retire at 60. It’s not worth doing anymore.

In fact, many who are taking that route find themselves thousands of dollars in debt, armed with a piece of paper but unable to find a job, and qualified in a field they don’t even like.
So what do we do?  How exactly we will change this issue on a global scale is beyond me. But we (as individuals) have to figure out a different way of doing things, for ourselves and our families.

I have done it for myself, and so have many others…. And it’s all thanks to Technology & the Internet.



For over 2 years I have been traveling with my partner Nate. Combined, we have seen over 30 different countries and stayed in anything from party hostels to 5 star resorts

While doing this, we have managed to run a very successful business online as we travel.
In fact, we are in the top 1% as far as income earners in the world for people under 30. All of which has been earned from a 13″ Laptop. 


We share all of our travels through social media. As a result we’ve had thousands of requests for help and guidance in building out different online ventures. 


So we have decided to put together a programme in a way we can share EVERYTHING we are doing in our business in great detail.


We’re doing this by taking you “Behind Closed Doors” 


Behind Closed Doors

In the past 3 years we have spent over $30,000.00 on information products to learn as much as we can about Internet Marketing.

It paid off big time…

Understanding that most people do not have cash lying around to spend on a bunch of video training, we have decided to cut out the crap, and share with you the most important skills and strategies we are using in our businesses right now. 




The internet is always changing, and so is our business model. This means we need to constantly update the information we provide.  We are creating a detailed report each and every month which will be delivered right to your inbox on the 8th of every month. 

Here’s What’s Included:

  • A detailed guide delivered to your  inbox each and every month. Providing specific ideas and strategies you can implement into your business right now.
  • What we’re doing in our business right now. Explaining what we are selling, how we partner with companies, how we promote products  without being  pushy.
  • Trends and changes to follow in the online world.
  • Ideas for newbies looking to tap into the online world but  unsure of where to begin.
  • Marketing strategies such as Facebook, Instagram, or email marketing.
  • An interview or case study of an entrepreneur we personally follow, dissecting the strategies they have used to build successful businesses or lifestyles using the internet.
  • All of the tools, tips, and tricks that can save you thousands of dollars and hours of effort to make tapping into the online world as simple as possible.
  • A practical section with actionable steps for you.
  • An archive of all previous reports for you to download at any time.
  • Private members only community for Behind Closed Doors members; to share and grow with along the way.

You Will Also Receive:

  • An archive of all previous reports for you to download at any time.
  • Video / Audio training associated with reports.
  • Bonus Section: A range of extra resources including 101 Blog Ideas, 3 Methods To Working Online, 21 Ways To Work & Travel.

Here’s What People Are Saying:

Alex Gillespie  ALEX GILLESPIE, NZ
“I came across Nathan & Hannah while looking for a change in my life and overall lifestyle. With zero experience online, they guided me through setting up my own online business. Using the knowledge and strategies they passed on to me, I am now able to travel around the world full-time while running my business from   my laptop. Cheers from Bali, Indonesia”



Jayden Glaister
“What’s up guys, I’m Jayden, 24 from New Zealand. Less than a year ago I had absolutely no idea it was possible to make an income working online. But thanks to Nathan and Hannah’s mentorship I have been able to make my first couple of thousand dollars online, and I’ve never been more excited for the future.”


Jade Scarfone
“I met Hannah & Nate almost a year ago at a mastermind event in New Zealand. I’d started working online a few months before and had no-one to turn to for help. Hannah & Nate took me under their wing and I instantly resonated with them, especially Hannah. She was just like me; a shy, introverted girl who had gone to university but didn’t like the traditional concept of 9-5 work and preferred to travel instead. It’s thanks to Hannah & Nate’s guidance and support that I am where I am today. Happily out of my 9-5 and well on the way to living my dream travel lifestyle. They are always there when I need them and have a wealth of knowledge which they’re always willing to share. I’m so grateful these two entered my life when they did and anyone who gets the opportunity to work with them should be very excited.”


Money Back Guarantee

14 Day Money Back Guarantee.
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Behind Closed Doors Subscribe for only $197/year


P.S:  Once you create your login you will receive instant access to your members area. Which includes all archived reports and bonus material such as, recordings from private mastermind events which attendees paid thousands to attend, getting started courses for newbies, and a resource centre.  Subscription will auto-renew each year unless cancelled under My Profile.